Keep your tires performing at their best with wheel alignment service, tire balancing and tire rotation services in San Diego by Speedy Auto Repair and Smog. Our car wheel alignment services are highly accurate, using the latest technology and equipment, so you can trust that your car will be operating at peak performance with proper wheel alignments and rear wheel alignments when it leaves our service bays.

Without proper front wheel alignment, your tires will wear prematurely, and in extreme cases, your car’s handling will be compromised. It’s vital that if something seems “off” with your driving or steering, you come right in to Speedy Auto Repair and Smog and let one of our ASE-certified experts perform a complete diagnostic on your vehicle. We’ll let you know up front what we think needs to be done, along with an estimate, so that you can drive away in safety and with confidence.

Don’t let poor tire alignment spoil your motoring. Trust the experts at Speedy Auto Repair and Smog to accurately align your vehicle to its factory specifications. Call (619) 295-2293 for an appointment, or just drive in to our San Diego tire center for a friendly and quick inspection of your car tire alignment.

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